The race starts. The four tokens of the participants are placed in the bag, are mixed and the first character to begin the turn is extracted... it's me!!

Preparation Phase. I draw a card from the deck. It is a Creature: Horrgrop the Evil, that does not change my race strategy.

A turn in detail. Introduction

With the cards in my hand I think I have three main options for moving.

A) I could play before moving the Foresight event to draw three cards from the deck and see if I open up new options.

B) I could play the Woods Guide event and then use Fomamog the Wicked, that has value 5, to move by 5 Movement Points.

C) I could use the card Woods Guide to move by 7 Movement Points.

I want to save optione A (playing the Foresight event) for the next round, so I have to choose between options B and C. But looking at the map option B is better since I can choose a path that has woods squares, so even though I will have less Movement Points, with the help of the Woods Guide I will procede further. In fact, looking at the map here is where I stop after the movement and where I would have gone if I had used the option C.



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