Encounter. Since I have finished moving and I came in a new square, I have an Encounter. I draw the top card from the deck and see what happens to me... I encounter a Brook Sbrog and I have to Challenge it!

A turn in detail. Introduction

The characteristic on which I have to defeat my opponent is Agility, as it appears on its card. It is 'also my best characteristc, only the Sbrog has a value of 10, and I start with 5. To my value I I must add the value of a card I have to play.

At the moment I have these three cards in my hand:

3 81 52

Whichever card I would play I would lose the Challenge (the highest value in my hand is 4, not enough to beat the 10 of my opponent). Knowing that I am going to lose and that nevertheless I have to play a card, I choose to play Horrgrop the Evil with value 2, keeping both Foresight and Ampoule of Ogre Essence, hoping they will turn to be useful in the future.


item7b item7a item5a item4a item3a item2 item1c