Un turno di esempio

I am Flamm, a Swamp Dragon, and I am going to participate in a race with the Grohmp the Troll, Oargh the Ogre and Melded the Fairy. This is my Character sheet:

A turn in detail. Introduction

As you can see, I am are very nimble but not very nice (indeed this is not the truth, are the others who do not understand me!). My Ability is Fluttering, so the presence of other characters in the squares I am moving through does not hinder my movement.

As Advantage I have drawn Wealth, which allows me to replenish the cards in my hand up to a maximum of 5 instead of 4 at the end of the turn. It is a great advantage, that will surely attract the wrath of the other playmates so I will probably be an easy target for their revenge.

These are the 4 starting cards in my hand.

37 68 3 81


item7b item7a item5a item4a item3a item2 item1c