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Supporter cards and their use

Supporter cards are recognizable because they have no number value, and the background and the back of the cards are purple.

These cards are optional, and all participants in the game must agree to use them. If a game allows the use of Supporte cards, the player must follow these rules


1) At the beginning of a game, each player can enlist a minimum of 0 up to a maximum of 3 Supporter cards.

2) Players can not enlist more than two of the same cards.

3) To enlist Supporter cards, the player positions them in front of himself/herself face down. After all players have chosen their cards, they must be revealed. The cards remain visible at all times during the game.

4) The use of the cards is regulated by the instructions on the cards themselves. Once the card has been used, it is to be discarded and it does not come back for the entire duration of the game.

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