List of FAQs and of wise answers from Yhop

General questions

Q: It is possible to play an Event card that can not be effective just to take it off from your own hand hoping to draw a better card during the Replenishment phase?
A: Yes, you can, if the card text allows it. It is therefore licit, for example, to play the "Double Reward" even if we are not involved in a Challenge (actually the Event does not require you to choose a character, it just states that if you win a challenge you advance two squares). In the case of Events that require the selection of a character, it is permissible to indicate one that does not meet the conditions for the event to occur. For example, you can play a "Dragon Sneeze" on a character who is not in the Hills just to use the card, in which case the dragon, after sneezing (and after blowing its nose!) will continue to do what it was doing without any Yummell participant being forced to backtrack.

Q: What is the diffrence between Resting and Losing a turn?
A: For the purposes of removing the curses, they are the same: in both cases at the end of the turn the character's curses are removed. The difference is that those who rest can do everything except play the card to move (but they can use ready Artefacts or play Events that make them advance). Not playing the card for the movement they will not have any Encounter (even if they moved due to Events or Artefacts). On the contrary, whoever loses his turn can not do anything at all and must wait patiently for his next turn to act again.


Q: When a character loses a Challenge and has two or more squares boxes behind where he/she may backtrack, who chooses where to move?
A: It 's always the player who controls the character who has lost the challenge to choose. He/she will therefore decide where the character should retreat.

Card effect

Q: A player has drawn during the Encounter the "Crossing of the Sacred Flush" and therefore his/her character must rest on the next turn. Another player plays against him/her the "Petrified" card forced him/her to lose a turn. What happens to the victim?
A: Apart from meditating revenge against those who want it so bad? It just so happens that the character loses the next round. Losing turn the character does not move, then rests as well, and then meets the demand of the Sacred Flush. In other words, the two effects do not add up because the more negative (loss of turn) includes the effects of resting.

Q: During my Encounter I draw "Cursed! Magic is averse to you" that forces me to lose a ready Artifact at the beginning of the turn. I am holding in my hand the "Old Dragon Horn" that removes a curse. If I play it after the encounter, in the next round it will be ready; Could I use it to remove the curse?
A: No, you can't. The Curse acts at the beginning of the turn, before you can use any card. So if you would play the horn, you would lose it before having the oppurtunity to use it... I'm sorry, but you really need to stop and rest!

Corrections in the game card texts

Magic broom. Play before movement. As movment, discard 1 card from your hand and move to the first square of the next tile. Discard after use.

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