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my name is Yhop and I am the humble judge of Yummell, the fantasy game set in the world of Kfoorp conceived by Paolo Chiari. I am also the manager of the website you are visiting right now and that is slowly coming to life. A bow,

Yhop the Wise


The origin

Yummel is a magic word whose meaning has never been clarified. Apparently "Yummell" meant the back of the legendary Yongholl, but the books do not state what a Yongholl was nor how it was possible to disinguish its back from the front (we neglect here some unrelevant hypotheses).

In older times, Yummell was a contest of speed, skill and luck.The land on which the game was played was a magical land that changed continuously. The plains became swamps; the hills became woods, etc. Who arrived first at the finish achieved "Yummell"; it was a very popular race and the winners were hailed and received honors and high positions, even if they were stupid. Later the word Yummell indicated the finish or, in a wider sense, a target, a goal, or a horizon.

It was Homberflupp the Magician who made it a magical game. From the arrangement of the tables, he would obtain information about the future and complex answers to simple questions. But mostly, the winner who would shout "Yummell" at the finish line would unlock his most desired wish, and his life would change. The magic word is closely linked to victory and must be pronounced with a loud, or soft, tone of voice at the end of the race. The second and third to finish will have benefits, but minor ones.

To read the arrangement of the Yummell tables, we refer to the interesting assay written by J.F. Gilmore, "The incomprehensible Yummell Tables," in which the author claims any answer can be found in the tables, but not the questions, which, it is assumed, were lost in another game.

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